Penelope Anne Sobr

I grew up New Zealand where there was a distinct lack of magazines and glamour, but a lot of sheep and bush .... so I had to make do with checking out the latest editions of Vogue magazine at the local library, where the great fashion illustrators of the day - Antonio Lopez and Matt were regularly featured within the glossy pages ...... which inspired me become an illustrator. I was and am still inspired by retro illustrator's from the 1920's - 1970's ... their work show's great draftsmanship, design and a real ability to draw... such as the work of the 1920's french illustrator called Erte (a great designer) and the fresh, spontaneous and dramatic brush work of 1950's fashion illustrator called René Gruau. First I did a degree in Graphic Design and then got a full time job doing ' fashion illustrations' for the National Daily Newspaper called the 'The New Zealand Herald' After a couple of years I decided that I needed a bigger challenge and left my home town 'Auckland City' for the other side of the world to go to London where I hoped to get my work in the big glossy glamourous Magazines!! I arrived and settled in the inspirational Notting Hill (with its fabulous Portobello Market! ) and I walked the streets with my portfolio ...soon I landed my first commission from Cosmopolitan Magazine and that set me on the road to being a full time illustrator working for every magazine in London including Vogue, Harpers, Elle and Marie Claire and doing advertising campaigns such as Boots no7 , Rimmel and the Hilton Hotel...etc Also I've had a lot of fun creating the characters for the teenage brand 'Luscious Girls' and the older brand 'Swanky Modes' plus 'Chic Boutique' for WH Smith which all produce cards, stationary, computer games and products decorated with my illustrations ...... Recently worked on images for the LUXECARD website and DIVA Packaging for BOOTS and VEET I also worked on a character Logo for SOPHIE GOLD ( Founder & CEO of Wealthy Women Inc) and I regularly do work for TESCOS



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